Friday, September 5, 2014

Recharge Time

Oh my! I haven't posted in such a long time. Apologies! But maybe it's because there hasn't been anything which excited me like this in a while. Monster High releases having been coming out thick and fast, as a collector it can be overwhelming and maybe dull the joy of individual releases a little. The limited availability of some releases, gouging prices on the internet, rising prices in stores, increasingly poor quality control, and Australia's crazy release dates. These are the challenges of the hobby. Maybe I have been feeling burnt out on dolls... how appropriate that the item to snap me out of this mood should be the Freaky Fusion Recharge Chamber.

I found it in store, shocked at first as Australia is often months behind in release dates, I balked at the price, walked out the door thinking I really shouldn't have bought this. Got home feeling guilty, de-boxed, popped in the batteries. Zap! So much fun, huge smiles and laughter! Haha! This release is fantastic, the set is sturdy with nice details and the Frankie doll is just beautiful. I haven't been this impressed since Clawdeen with the Coffin Bean set (Which, funnily enough, was  around the last time I posted).

 Enough of my banter! You will need 3 AAA batteries. A waist clip and two leg clips hold Frankie in place, a pair of "neck-bolt clips" are a cute decorative feature. Pressing the skullete button will start multicoloured lights at the base of the Chamber. Holding the button will start Frankie's hair standing on end! This runs for 15 seconds. I made a quick video of it in action which you can see here. It really is a lot of fun. ^_^

The Chamber itself is nicely detailed. Tubes at the top shaped like a heart, molded cushion back with lightning shaped buttons, stitches in swirls, and the little skullette charms which adorn the base can be clipped on to Frankie's belt too.

Frankie is a gorgeous and refreshingly unique release. From her predominantly blue hair to the lightning make-up, she is like no other Frankie before her. Her hair is bright and silky, unfortunately a bit kinked from the packaging, hopefully this will fall out naturally or I will have to straighten it (a problem recurring in the MH line lately). Her make-up is bold and fun with little yellow lightning bolts streaming over her eye and cheek. The usual stitches on her body are replaced by little blue lightning bolts.

Her outfit is simple but very nice, I especially like the print of the dress fabric. Very pleased with the shoes! Hooray! Mattel have been lazy with shoe molds lately, in my opinion, so I was happy to find this little electric pair. Definitely enjoying the dashes of yellow used in recent lines, it really brightens up the collection.

So, if anyone is reading this, sorry I've been absent. I did begin with all that moaning, but the only reason these things bug me is because I do love the line so much. I highly reccomend this set, it is great fun and well worth the money. Truly voltageous!
 - Kat

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