Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Photo

For a tagged version with their names and versions labelled, please click on the link above to visit my flickr account.

The population has reached 17 now, plus 3 boys (Deuce Basic, Gil and Jackson) belonging to my boyfriend. You might notice I have a headless Ghoulia there, she is currently undergoing a reroot.

Meet one of the new arrivals, Abbey Bominamble! I had wanted to get a Basic Abbey, but settled for Skull Shores, and am glad that I did! She is lovely, I have no complaints at all. Flawless out of the box. Her hair needed parting, but it was quite easy and very well rooted.

Here she wears Ghoulia's Dawn of the Dance dress, a lovely item which just seems to suit all the ghouls. Add Skull Shores Ghoulia's shoes and Abbey is ready to hit the dancefloor! What a beautiful yeti.

The entire skull shores line have the prettiest shoes which tie in strongly with the themes of the girls. I still hope to get Draculaura and Frankie to complete the set.

I think 2012 is going to be an exciting year for monster releases. Looking forward to new ghouls and getting handy with the sewing machine.

'Till next time,
 - Kat

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Highlight Princess

Happy New Year!

Today my Clawdeen got her first real photoshoot. I gave her hair some soft pink highlights and thought she might pull off a more sweet look. She wasn't impressed! Using a darling Blythe dress with some fierce MH accessories I think we came up with a unique (and adorable!) look. I was going to repaint her lips a soft pink too, but, as my poor Cleo found out the hard way, I'm not too great with painting tiny details.

For adding highlights I used the same method as  in my Reroot Tutorial but rather than cutting all the hair off, just add the highlights to the existing plugs, wherever you like! A quick way to make your doll one of a kind. Be sure to remove the head carefully (see the tutorial) as I broke her neck peg by being too hasty. Poor girl. Must figure out how to fix it so her head stops falling off. Hah

Her outfit:
Grandma Wolf Dress - Pollipop for Blythe
Bloomers - Draculaura Club Fashion
Stocking - Draculaura & Clawd 2pack
Shoes - Skeleton Create A Monster
Earrings - Lagoona Dawn of the Dance
Ring - Clawdeen School's Out
Bracelet - Lagoona Wave 1
Belt & Bracelet - Cleo & Deuce 2pack
Black & White Bracelet ??? Anyone know?

The skeleton shoes! Nope, still no sightings in stores. I got these on eBay, thankfully I found them quite fairly priced. I adore the mould, but they are made of such a soft plastic that it is hard to stop the heels bending even on the stand. This is unfortunate and stops them from making it into my list of fave MH shoes. They do look great, but are just too soft to be practical.

That's all for today. Keenly awaiting another eBay package, be prepared for the Skull Shores ghouls to be thrown into the mix! (Yay! My first Abbey!) I ordered them online too, again, no luck in my local stores.

Hope someone out there noticed my little Zelda reference in the title! Also, I fear I use too many exclamation points...

 - Kat