Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hydration Station

Hello there!

One of my Christmas wishes was fulfilled - hooray! Dad gave me Dead Tired Lagoona with her Hydration Station. She is a lovely doll, I really like the soft colours in the make-up of the Dead Tired series. She is a flawless one too, not defects in her paint that I can see. She is my third Lagoona, I have named her Bubble. I always wanted to name one of my dolls Bubble after the adorable character from Absolutely Fabulous.

The station itself is also a wonderful item. I had hoped it would make a good night light, but alas! Oh, the noise! When it is running it makes a very loud humming/buzzing noise. Once filled with water the front panel has four bubble jets at the base which vary their direction and speed. Blue and green lights shine from the base creating a very pleasing aquatic effect.

There are three settings to the bubble/light display.
1. Fast pulsing on and off
2. Slow pulsing on and off
3. Continuous on
It only stays on for about a minute after you push the button on the base. I haven't had it long, but have given it quite a workout, so I think the battery life must be OK. It takes three AA batteries which are not included in the set.

As for accessories, I was most impressed with the stand. It is a clear aqua colour, but instead of the regular straight stem, this one is moulded bubbles. I haven't a picture of it yet but I will be sure to take one for my next Lagoona-oriented post (Won't be long, I'm sure XD. She is still my favourite.). Another cute feature, her pet pirrhana, Neptuna, comes with her very own little Dead Tired sleep mask - so sweet!

I took a quick video of the station in action, on the second setting. Check it out below!

'Till next time,
 - Kat

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chritmas Wishes

Merry Christmas ghouls and boys!

It's only 4 sleeps 'till Christmas, so what are you wishing for? My MH doll wishlist:
 - Operetta
 - Draculaura Sweet 1600
 - Lagoona Dead Tired
 - Howleen
 - Cupid
 - Insect Create A Monster Pack
 - Vampire & Sea Monster CAM Pack
 - Toralei

Now, I know Cupid is a long way away, but the rest seem reasonable. However, the only one of these dolls available in my local stores is Lagoona Dead Tired.

A week or so ago I received a Target catalogue with my junk mail advertising Nefera and Howleen. Exciting! Well... exciting if true.

Neither of my local Targets have stocked them and I have seen no signs of other collectors having found them either. I think it seems ridiculous to advertise these girls in a Christmas catalogues if they are not going to be released before Christmas.

Create A Monster packs are newly released. A lot of people in America have managed to buy them but I am not sure if they have yet hit our Aussie shores. I am very interested in these packs and hope to see them in stores soon as I have no intention of paying the horribly inflated prices on eBay. (Same goes for the Sweet 1600 line)

Toaralei has been found in Aussie stores - just not by me! Same story with Abbey. I can't understand why I can find Spectra everywhere (seriously, heaps), but no Abbey and no Toralei. Toralei is not on the top of my list so I'm not too bothered, I just don't understand it.

Last to discuss, but most wanted, Operetta. Her promo pics have been out far longer than any of the other dolls mentioned here. In fact, as long as Spectra and Abbey, I think. Where is she?! I am really hanging out for this girl.

A lovely Noel to you all. I hope we see more dolls on the shelves soon, and plenty under our Christmas trees too!
 - Kat

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dolly Bio

Hello out there!

Life is busy busy this time of year. I have a few Monster High projects on the go, repaints, hair cuts, streaks, and custom shoes, but nothing ready to post about yet. My birthday is in 6 days, so, in honour of me, todays post is something of an introduction.

I never liked dolls when I was a kid, loved My Little Pony (and still do, my wardrobe is full of them). I got my first doll about 5 years ago, a Pullip Stica. Current count, I'd say I have 20 Pullip, Dal, Taeyang and Byul dolls. My newest doll is a Byul Leroy that my Dad got me for my birthday. ^_^ I am quite happy with this collection and don't have many on my wishlist.

The first photo is Pullip Anne-Shirley, on an obitsu sbh body, wearing Barbie. The second pic is Dal Monomono with Taeyang Lead wig and Pullip Rovam eyechips. She is wearing a Khurn doll dress and Pullip Sacagawea neclace. This photo is one of the shots I've had featured in Adore magazine.

I got my first Blythe over 4 years ago, a Cloud 9 Bowl. It was love! Hahah. I have 10 blythes now, and still more on the wishlist. I have obtained my grails however, Princess A La Mode and a redhead Kenner. The Blythe pictured is Tweedly Do, I always regretted selling her. She wears handmade items from Etsy. Recently got a few Petite Blythes too - they are much cuter than I had anticipated.

Next to squirrel their way into my heart (and my wallet!) are the ball jointed dolls. My first BJD was Puki Puki Pipi. Puki Puki Flora joined us later. I think their tiny little bodies are just perfect. My only Super Dollfie sized doll is my Domadoll Goni (last of the pictures). Most recent addition is YoSD Tanpopo. Huge wishlist in BJDs, they are amazingly beautiful but oh so expensive.

I have a few other types of dolls, but those are the notable cornerstones in my collection. Most recently, of course, Monster High. I have 10 of them now and plenty on the wishlist! It's nice to collect some dolls that are cheaper and available in local stores. I hope you enjoyed seeing some different kinds of dolls in this post.

As for wishes, well, the list is long! I'd like to get an Isul, just to round out the Pullip family. As for Blythe, I'd really love a white or palest blonde scalp, like Darling Diva. BJD-wise, Choko Puki Rose - fat chance, I know. I'd also love a YoSD or SD girl with sweet little teefies >.< so cute. Yup, an open mouthed girl has been on my list for a loooong time. One day.

OH! The fairytale mini LalaLoopsys. Too adorable! I especially want Little Red Riding Hood and Little Bo Peep, but honestly, just all of them please. Hahah.

The Monster High list is by far the longest. Abbey, Howleen, Operetta, Sweet 1600 girls, Classroom girls, Dead Tired Lagoona and Clawdeen. I'd like another Spectra to reroot and I want the Create A Monster packs badly. In particular the bee, the skeleton and the vampire (totally love her shoes). Hopefully with my birthday and christmas coming up I'll be able to cross a few off the list.

Don't forget you can check out photos of all my different dolls on my flickr account.

Best wishes for this busy time of year! I may post again before christmas, we'll see.
Hoping you all get a MH girl under the christmas tree. ^_^

 - Kat