Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Team Draculaura

Ula D in the house! Well, in my house anyway. I never thought I wanted a Draculaura - too much pink, eww - but now I have three of them! These little suckers seem to have crept into my heart. Allow me to introduce my little pink army of sweetness.

Draculaura (Dead Tired) wears a Bratz skirt, Lagoona's Scream Uniform hoodie and stockings and shoes from her Day at the Maul fashion pack. She also has a handmade bangle by me and a bit of a haircut.
She is so sweet and totally won me over. My first Ula D. I love her soft makeup and the closed lips (no teeth painted between the fangs). It also helps that these Dead Tired girls could be found at bargain prices. I have no interest in the new version of Dead Tired Ula D, her makeup is too strong. The gentle bedtime makeup is the most appealing detail of this line, in my opinion.

Lucy (Skull Shores) wears her own swimsuit with Sweet 1600 Draculaura's extra skirt and Lagoona's Basic shoes.
Another sweet fang smile, no extra toothy line. I also love her V-cut bangs and that adorable sailor themed outfit. Loved this whole line, actually, which surprised even me!

Wilhemina (Sweet 1600) is wearing her own stock pieces.
I don't really like the makeup on this ghoul. The open lip smile and the "1600" in her heart put me off. The reason that she wins a spot in my family, first and foremost her stock outfit and shoes. Fabulous! I also like the tinsel in her hair, it's a nice touch, and again, the V-cut fringe. Still haven't washed it out yet so it's quite stiff.

I may be interested in Ghouls Rule Draculaura, Scaris Draculaura or Bathroom Set Draculaura. Until then, I am quite happy with my vamp trio.

Thanks for reading.
 - Kat


  1. Hey, will there be other messages too?
    You have really interestin blog, it's too sad you haven't postet this year anything ):
    Please continue, show us you are alive?