Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ghouls Alive!

Ohai blog readers!

Did you ever think "Hey, those Ghouls Alive dolls look weird!" ? I did! Heheh. Well... my lovely boyfriend bought me one as a gift. It was so nice of him I didn't even tell him I thought they were funny looking. ;P So, please meet my Ghouls Alive Frankie Stein. I call her Storm.

First impressions, her face is shiny. I think this is the most off-putting thing about the Ghouls Alive line. Her hair is not good quality, but I can't complain much more than that. Her face mold is not quite right and she has a visible scalp line, but I gather these are to make her internal consruction / magic tricks possible.

Other differences she has to enable/enhance her light-up feature include:
 - clear plastic neck bolts
 - rib cage cut out in torso
 - "belly button"
 - battery compartment in left thigh
Click on the pic for a better look at them! (and pardon my messy lounge!)

I LOVE that you press her 'belly button' to make her light up. XD teehehe

So, although she may be a little odd looking, she is a lot of fun. Her outfit is based on her Wave 1 / Basic outfit (with some changes to accomodate the lighting), so a huge perk for me was (you guessed it!) THE SHOES! Heheh. I never did get a Wave 1 Frankie, so I was stoked to finally get those zebra style pumps. In the end, a lovely surprise from the boyfriend. ^_^

Bonus video: Click here to see her in action.
Thanks for reading!
 - Kat

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