Monday, April 16, 2012

Team Ghoulia

Hi guys,

I'm still mostly working on my Next Top Ghoul entries. Above is Team Ghoulia, entrants in That-Dolls's Next Top Ghoul competition on flickr. In this particular contest when you enter a model (in my case, Ghoulia) you can use any version of her to star in your photographs. I chose my Ghoulias because of their variety in hair colours. I must hurry and finish Sugar's reroot so that she can participate too!

My Ghoulia's above, from left to right, Sugar (Dead Tired), Zora (Team Spirit), Ivy (Skull Shores), Ghoulia (SDCC) and Lilith (Dawn of the Dance). This photo has shot straight to the top of my "Popular" items on flickr - wow! Glad so many people enjoyed it.

To the right is Team Ghoulia's entry photograph. Ghoulia is my San Diego Comic Con Ghoulia. She wears Frankie's fasion pack.

The first challenge them was "Colour Blast". My entry is below. I chose Ivy because of her bright hair and made the background with paper and scissors. ^_^
Her outfit:
Dress: Blythe
Underskirt: Moxie Teenz
Shrug: Frankie Dawn of the Dance
Belt: Clawdeen School's Out
Stockings: Draculaura School's Out
Glasses: Draculaura Gloom Beach
Earrings: Lagoona Skull Shores
Necklace & Yellow Bracelet: Ghoulia Dawn of the Dance
Red Bracelet: Ghoulia Skull Shores
Other Bracelets: Barbie & handmade

JemGirl is great, I highly recommend her shop! I have loads of stuff from her, which I love, and she is always very helpful and usually prepared to create custom items. I will have to focus my next post on my Create a Monster Dragon Girl, Morgana, who has a custom JemGirl torso.

I have started watermarking my photos. After I shared Lilith for the first time on this blog I found A LOT of people reposting my pictures without even mentioning my name or linking back to my page. This is unfortunate, but I suppose I must start to sign my name.
 - Kat

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