Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Styling Hair

Finally finished!

I wasn't planning on renaming my MH girls, but since she is customised and I do have another Ghoulia on the way... Meet Lilith. Her hair is a little thin, but I am extremely happy with her anyway. This first picture was taken before I had thatched and set her parts, and cut her fringe. It also shows the colour of her hair in cold weather. Not sure if you can see the highlights I put in, there aren't many, but they are a pale pink.

Here she wears Bratz and Barbie. The Bratz clothes fit nicely. The Barbie cardigan is way too big but oh well. It was worth trying anyway. Below she wears her stock outfit with her Comic Book Club jewellery. Yup! I received it thismorning but I think I will wait for my Team Spirit Ghoulia to arrive before I debut it. Gotta love that brains print.

After thatching the parts I set them (and flattened the rest of her hair) using the boiling wated method. That is to pour boiled water over her head, followed by cold water. I did it three times. Next to cut the fringe. I put an elastic band around her head as a guide to keep it straight. So here she is! To the right, Lilith, complete. This one shows the colour at a warmer temperature. It can go pure white when heated enough, this was just at the temperature in my house today. She is going to be so versatile for photography. ^_^

I have damaged her make-up  throughout the process. The squeezing cracked the paint and the water sort of made the cracked parts peel. Between her glasses and some clever photography angles I think it's not so bad. I might try to touch it up in the future. I have very unsteady hands, so we'll just see how much the flaws bug me. Haha. 

Last up, the shoes. As I mentioned in my first post, it was the shoes that really got me into these girls. Ghoulia's Dawn of the Dance shoes are my second favourite so far. Love the spiney/boney motif. They are quite loose without stockings on.

I must include Lagoona next time. The poor dear has had no attention despite joining the family before Ghoulia did.

 - Kat

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