Monday, February 20, 2012

Spectral Siblings

Long time no post!

Todays little catch-up is all about Specra. I bet you guessed that already, clever. =P Welcome home to my second Spectra, Georgie. I will be rerooting her with Glow-In-The-Dark hair, when I can get my hands on it. She is named Georgie Griffin after H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man. What a great book! After being so hard to find, Spectra has now flooded Aussie shops. I can only hope Operetta will perform the same trick in time.

I notice a lot of small difference in her make-up, but nothing shocking. Slight colour differences, position of eyes, etc. The main difference for me is that my first Spectra (left) has a kind of lovely pearl to her lips whereas the second (right) just has a basic flat colour. It kind of shows in photos, but it is obvious in person.

They both have the most beautifully soft hair of all my MH ghouls.

I think Spectra looks lovely in Lagoona's Dawn of The Dance dress and shoes (with DOTD Frankie's belt, and her own jewellery). The blue really matches her eyeshadow. Of course, as usual, my favourite thing is the shoes. Translucent shoes were just made for her translucent feet. Move over Lagoona, Spectra rocks these heels!

I am also looking forward to Spectra in the Dot Dead Gorgeous line (and the other ghouls too!). My own wardrobe consists of a lot of black, purple and polka dots. This will be a line after my own heart, I'm sure.

As always, visit my flickr page for more photos of all kinds of dollies and more. Thanks for reading!

- Kat

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