Saturday, April 28, 2012

Create A Dragon

Hi guys and ghouls!

As promised I'm featuring Morgana today. She is a Create-A-Monster Dragon on a custom Jemgirl torso. I had a few small problems with the torso but Jemgirl was super helpful, so I highly recommend buying from her. She makes custom torsos, various types of shoes and other accessories. Very pretty stuff. Check out her Etsy shop here.

In the above pic she has a Liv wig. The Liv wig fits well, a little big, it covers her ears. Anyway, this is her permanent wig - I'm not sure wether I'll give it a fringe or not. She wears School's Out Clawdeen's clothing and shoes from Gloom Beach Cleo. She is a very fierce looking ghoul and suit's Clawdeen's style and colour pallete really well.

To the right, Morgana is showing off her torso (pink with green glitter) and wearing a Lati Yellow wig. We tried on a few Lati Yellow wigs - they are way bigger than the Liv wig, but sit well for photos. To see more pictures, including another wig, check out my flickr photostream.

As a final note, I finaly got Toralei! I think she is such a sweet looking ghoul, I can't believe she is the "baddie" of the characters. Well, mine is a lovely, feminine kitten. I am going to make her some custom hands without those fingerless gloves on them, to suit her newfound sweetness. For now she can just pose with her hands hidden. Hehehe.

As you can see I have started watermarking my photos. This is because people have been reposting pics from this blog without linking back to me. I don't mind people using my pics as long as I get credit for it. I want people to enjoy my pics, but please link back to this blog, or to my Flickr photostream.

Bye for now!
 - Kat

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