Monday, October 31, 2011

New Ghoul

Greetings Ghoulfriends!

I tried to resist Monster High dolls, but here we are. The shoes are simply irresistable.
My first girl is a Frankie Stein School's Out edition.

She is a lovely doll and I am very happy with her quality. My favourite item is obviously the shoes. Very gorgeous, with bolts for the heels and stitching up the front and back. Coming in second is the sweet little charm bracelet which I think she will wear almost all the time.

Her hands are lovely and delicate, a very nice mould. The body is unusual but also lovely. It is a shame that these girls can't share shoes with any other dolls. I've hears some open-toed Moxie Teenz shoes will fit, but  don't have any to try myself. (Also a shame that my Blythe / Pullip / Dal girls can't have a go at these amazing pumps!)

Above, Frankie wears Pullip Zuora stockings. They are a little big but can be made to work OK. To the right she wears a Bratz shirt, very good fit if not a little short.

The two girls I really would like to get are Lagoona Blue and Spectra Vondergiest. Not sure about my chances of finding Spectra in my local stores. Being from Geelong, Australia, my options are Target, K-Mart and a Toys-R-Us Express. They don't restock often. There is also an independant toy store which sometimes carries a wider variety but the prices are way higher.
My boyfriend will be taking me to a Toys-R-Us in Melbourne this week, so, fingers crossed!

Please excuse the lack of a nice MH theme for this blog. I will get to work on that tomorrow, I think.
Thanks for reading!
 - Kat


  1. u can buy spectra in aus at big w target and toys r :D

  2. Thanks! I managed to get her on sale at Toys R Us in Melbourne this week. Yay!