Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Growing Family

Happy Halloween!

I bought myself a First Wave Lagoona Blue. Yay! She hasn't had any photos yet, which is very slack of me. She had a black/brown spot on her nose and forehead which I removed with a cotton bud dipped in acetone. I really hate these kind of flaws on a NRFB doll. Anyway, I will talk more about her when I have some photos.

Next up is Ghoulia Yelps, Dawn of the Dance edition. She also had marks on her face which I cleaned up with acetone. I was craving her awesome spiney shoes, so my boyfriend surprised me with her. I took this quick shot of her before she had her hair clipped. 

She has a small dent on her nose, not sure if that is standard or yet another factory flaw. She also has two small indentations around where her eyebrows begin. My other girls have nothing like this.

Above, Ghoulia pre-haircut. Right, Frankie consoles Ghoulia; "Dismemberment isn't the end of the world!" and Lagoona sulks in the background feeling rather neglected. Nawwww =(

Her hair looks great as it is, but I don't think it's very versatile. Since I have plenty of saran left over from a Blythe reroot I did some months ago, I have decided to give Ghoulia a reroot in Pink-to-White thermal saran. Should serve to add some colour to my currently blue-green shaded family.

In my next post I will give a tutorial on rerooting a Monster High doll, using poor Ghoulia as a test subject. It has been time consuming, but not difficult. 

Please vote in the "Favourite Ghoul" poll. I'm interested to see who is most popular. ^_^
 - Kat

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