Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chritmas Wishes

Merry Christmas ghouls and boys!

It's only 4 sleeps 'till Christmas, so what are you wishing for? My MH doll wishlist:
 - Operetta
 - Draculaura Sweet 1600
 - Lagoona Dead Tired
 - Howleen
 - Cupid
 - Insect Create A Monster Pack
 - Vampire & Sea Monster CAM Pack
 - Toralei

Now, I know Cupid is a long way away, but the rest seem reasonable. However, the only one of these dolls available in my local stores is Lagoona Dead Tired.

A week or so ago I received a Target catalogue with my junk mail advertising Nefera and Howleen. Exciting! Well... exciting if true.

Neither of my local Targets have stocked them and I have seen no signs of other collectors having found them either. I think it seems ridiculous to advertise these girls in a Christmas catalogues if they are not going to be released before Christmas.

Create A Monster packs are newly released. A lot of people in America have managed to buy them but I am not sure if they have yet hit our Aussie shores. I am very interested in these packs and hope to see them in stores soon as I have no intention of paying the horribly inflated prices on eBay. (Same goes for the Sweet 1600 line)

Toaralei has been found in Aussie stores - just not by me! Same story with Abbey. I can't understand why I can find Spectra everywhere (seriously, heaps), but no Abbey and no Toralei. Toralei is not on the top of my list so I'm not too bothered, I just don't understand it.

Last to discuss, but most wanted, Operetta. Her promo pics have been out far longer than any of the other dolls mentioned here. In fact, as long as Spectra and Abbey, I think. Where is she?! I am really hanging out for this girl.

A lovely Noel to you all. I hope we see more dolls on the shelves soon, and plenty under our Christmas trees too!
 - Kat


  1. I want Operetta sooooooo bad too! The cupid doll is out in the U.S. now. I basically want everything thats on your list, though I'll probably end up getting Nefera too, though I hate the gold salad colander, A.K.A her "ponytail holder" on her head. ;-)

  2. I actually quite like Nefera too. Love her hair colour and her widow's peak hairline. But yes, what a strange "hat". XD