Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hydration Station

Hello there!

One of my Christmas wishes was fulfilled - hooray! Dad gave me Dead Tired Lagoona with her Hydration Station. She is a lovely doll, I really like the soft colours in the make-up of the Dead Tired series. She is a flawless one too, not defects in her paint that I can see. She is my third Lagoona, I have named her Bubble. I always wanted to name one of my dolls Bubble after the adorable character from Absolutely Fabulous.

The station itself is also a wonderful item. I had hoped it would make a good night light, but alas! Oh, the noise! When it is running it makes a very loud humming/buzzing noise. Once filled with water the front panel has four bubble jets at the base which vary their direction and speed. Blue and green lights shine from the base creating a very pleasing aquatic effect.

There are three settings to the bubble/light display.
1. Fast pulsing on and off
2. Slow pulsing on and off
3. Continuous on
It only stays on for about a minute after you push the button on the base. I haven't had it long, but have given it quite a workout, so I think the battery life must be OK. It takes three AA batteries which are not included in the set.

As for accessories, I was most impressed with the stand. It is a clear aqua colour, but instead of the regular straight stem, this one is moulded bubbles. I haven't a picture of it yet but I will be sure to take one for my next Lagoona-oriented post (Won't be long, I'm sure XD. She is still my favourite.). Another cute feature, her pet pirrhana, Neptuna, comes with her very own little Dead Tired sleep mask - so sweet!

I took a quick video of the station in action, on the second setting. Check it out below!

'Till next time,
 - Kat

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