Thursday, November 10, 2011

Customer Service

OMG, I love Mattel!

I bought a new Lagoona yesterday, Dawn of the Dance. One of her leg fins was bent and wouldn't fit into the holes properly. I rang cutomer support at Mattel thismorning and they were just wonderful! They immediately agreed to send me a set of fins for her. I then mentioned to them that of her hands had paint defects (one of the webbed parts had paint over it, and on the other hand some indentations from the packaging). So! No worries, in about ten days I will have a new set of fins and hands.

Half an hour later I remembered how my first girl, School's Out Frankie, had a bent heel on one of her shoes. I rang them back again and added it to the list. I was SO happy with their service, very much looking forward to getting the parts. Yay! If you have a problem with any of your dolls I highly reccommend that you give Customer Service a call.

Todays photos are of my second doll, Enki, a Basic Wave One Lagoona. She is named after the Sumerian god of water, mischief, intelligence and crafts, which I think suits her well. I definitely think Lagoona is the prettiest of all the MH dolls. I just adore her webbed fingers and fishy ears.

I had a lot of fun setting up this shot. The one thing that bothers me is that you can't really tell she is underwater in the shot to the right. Well, I suppose she is beautiful either way.

I wanted for her first shoot to be at the beach but I got impatient. I filled my biggest tupperware container with aquarium stones and water, and took these shots in my loungeroom. For more of my photos please be sure to check out my flickr account.

 - Kat

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