Sunday, November 27, 2011

Frankie Time

Hi there, ghouls and boys!

What's been happening in my Monster High family of late? There have been several new additions to the group (we're up to 10 now!), I can't wait to take a new family photo. With my birthday and Christmas approaching fast I think the numbers may increase further still.

I've been doing a little sewing for them. To the left, Frankie models my first try at a dress. I plan on opening an Etsy store for Blythe clothing and am toying with the idea of including some Monster High offerings aswell. Well, it won't happen 'till the new year anyway.

Below, meet Frankie's new sister, Shelley. Named after Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. Also suitable, I thought, as she is a Gloom Beach version. Just love the sea green make-up and her different hand sculpt.

In all honesty the non-stndard hands were the selling point for me, but a nice surprise was her hair! While School's Out Frankie has more black on top with a solid white underside, Gloom Beach Frankie has more white on top with a black underneath.

The girls have been converted to Deadfast fandom by Ghoulia. Teeheheh. Seriously tho, it was the only top I had two of. Made me notice that the tops are actually different in a few small ways.

A last small note, I love how close the poll is! Seems all the girls have a lot of love, nice to see.

Coming up in future posts you can expect to meet more of my new girls, get more hair styling tips and preview some freaky handmade fashions.

Thanks for stopping by!
 - Kat

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