Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spooky Spectra

Welcome home, Spectra!

I finally managed to find her and she is a welcome addition to this small, but fast growing, family. Her outfit is lovely, no complaints or defects on this one! Of course I adore her transparency, I don't think I can bring myself to put shoes on her. Hahah. She is so white it is hard to take pictures of her in the sunlight, though. Maximum glare. I think I will get a second Spectra soon to reroot with glow-in-the-dark hair. Very spooky indeed.

So, on the list of future customs:
 - Specra (Glow-In-The-Dark Reroot)
 - Georgie (Ghoulia Scary Zombie Repaint)
 - Duela Dent (Batman Character)
 - Clawdeen (Wood Nymph)
 - Enki (Lagoona Lavender Reroot)

Any suggestions? I just love Lilith so much I can't wait to do another. ^_^

Quick family shot. This little table is setup just to my left as I am sitting in my armchair in the lounge. They live here, for now, with some sewing/crochet supplies and a small herd of Sylvanian babies. Hehe.

From left: Lagoona, Lilith, Frankie, Spectra. In front: Enki.
On their way: Ghoulia (Team Spirit) and Shelley (Frankie Gloom Beach)

Stay tuned for more fab photos, or check out my Flickr account.
 - Kat

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