Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Poll

Hi folks!

Time for a new poll, I thought. Here are the results for the old poll. Seems like Lagoona is most popular from the original crew. I'm kinda surprised, judging by photos from my flickr contacts I'd have guessed Ghoulia. No surprise to me that Cleo came last, it seems like her style is hard to vary and once you have one you really don't need any more. Oddly enough I am DYING for a new Nefera! Hehe.

Of course 34 votes isn't exactly a huge cross section of collectors. Still, interesting! The new poll features some of the newer additions to Monster High. Once it has recieved a similar number of votes I will compare them, and list a new poll with even more student bodies! Perhaps after that we can have a "finals round" between all the poll winning ghouls.

Must remember to do one for the boys. I always leave them out. How rude! We have 5 boys at home here and not a single one of them has had a photo. My boyfriend says I am a sexist doll collector. <<;
They just aren't as pretty, dagnabit.

As a bonus, meet Sula! She is my Create A Monster Sea Monster (named after Ursula of 'The Little Mermaid') who has stolen my CAM Dragon's custom torso. Cheeky ghoul. We have another body coming in the mail (SOON, hopefully! it's been ages).

In short: She is quite pretty. I hate the wig. Love her tentacles tho. Lovely colours, too. I plan on doing a photoshoot with all my CAM ghouls once the new bodies arrive. At the moment I have 5 girls fighting over 3 bodies. Tragic.

I shall have to do a 'Favourite CAM' poll, too!
Do I exclaim too much? (!!!) I guess I am just excited about dolls. ;D
 - Kat

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  1. It always interests me to hear the names and backstories that collectors come up with for their CAM dolls. I just wish I'd discovered your blog sooner, before Monster High got axed by Mattel. Hope you are doing well with whatever new hobbies you've moved on to.
    Signed, Treesa