Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Robecca & Rochelle

Heya guys and ghouls!

Today's catchup post is on the basic releases of Rochelle and Robecca! Yay! I was super excited for these two ghouls, especially Robecca, and I was not disappointed. :) Let's go!

Robecca Steam! I really love steampunk style so I was looking forward to her release. She is gorgeous, and the attention to detail on this doll is just stunning. Her eyes are shaped like gears, so cool, and she has gears in her calves that actually spin! Love. Love. Love.
Her body is molded as if it were made up of panels, riveted together.

I really do adore her. The more recent Dance Class Robecca did not interest me so much. Whilst the purple tones in basic Robecca seem to work well, the pale purples of the Dance Class Robecca, I feel, don't sit well with her colouring. Perhaps she would be interesting with a purple reroot? Another one to add to the list! Haha. Because of her bold colouring, I find her hard to redress. Very glad I got her fashion pack.

Next up, Rochelle Goyle! What a gore-gous ghoul! She is so much prettier in person than I had expected. Those big eyes make her just too sweet to resist. Because, I feel, all of her releases have been quite similar, I am not particularly tempted by them. I got Scaris version (and got rid of this basic version - although looking at this photo I almost regret it!), and I would like to get her in the Ghoul's Night Out 4 pack.

Her stoney skin tone is amazing - lightly speckled, subtle but effective. Her wings are "cracked", a lovely detail. Those ears, and her entire head mold in fact, are just beautiful. Honestly, I can't pick a flaw on this ghoul. She had the most glue in her bangs that I have ever seen, but that is easy fixed. Heh.

Rochelle's outfit is just as pretty as she is.
As usual, the shoes are my favourite part. The socks are adorable. Her shirt and jewellery are great pieces for reusing and building new outfits on various ghouls.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it is many months overdue. I also got Venus McFlytrap from this wave and have still not taken any photos of her! Naughty Myoo. ;D

Thanks so much for reading!
 - Kat

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