Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Glamour Ghoulia

Just a quick post today to show off two of my all-time favourite Ghoulia shots. Deadfast SDCC Ghoulia is just SO photogenic. Her neutral makeup makes her very easy to redress in many styles. In these shots the theme was "Hollywood". I used Frankies for paparazzi which turned out really well, IMHO ;D.

Her dress is actually just a white ribbon wrapped around her repeatedly and tied in a big bow at the back. She wears Pullip Eternia's neclace at her waist, and matching earrings. Shoes are from Create A Monster Skeleton. It is so hard to choose a favourite Ghoulia, but Deadfast Ghoulia is definitely high on the list!

Hope you enjoyed!
 - Kat


  1. You are so good at photographing! (:
    Want to join to my blog? It's unfortunately in Finnish :/ But some things I write in English.

    1. Thanks so much! I just love looking at your customisations, even if I can't read all the text ;D