Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Releases, Defects and Painting

Hiya followers,

Firstly, news: Mattel Australia have told me that we will be getting Ever After High dolls, but not until next year! Sigh. However, not all toy stores order from Mattel Australia, some get their stock directly from overseas. I guess the moral of the story is don't hold your breath, but it's still worth keeping your eyes open.

Secondly, Swim Class exclusives: In America, Frankie, Rochelle and Heath, of the Swim Class line, were limited to Justice stores. Since we have no Justice stores in Australia, we are somewhat lucky, in that these dolls are available in a variety of stores. So far I have confirmed K-mart and Toys-R-Us are both stocking them.

Thirdly, complaints. My Swim Class Frankie and Rochelle have some pesky and disappointing issues.

 Frankie has a lot of dents in her face from being packaged with her glasses on. I have seen this before on Ghoulias and other Swim dolls, but not to this extent. I altered the colours on the picture to better display the dents. (Click to enlarge) She has one above each eye, one on her nose and several on her cheeks. Quite annoying. Otherwise she is a very pretty doll. Love her colours, yellow and silver eyeshadow and the addition of blue to her hair. I will take a nicer pic of her soon. I am hoping some time without her glasses may allow her dents to heal.

Rochelle was a big shock. First of all, her hair was solid laquer. I wasn't shocked by that, it is more and more common in MH ghouls. The shocking part was the AWFUL haircut. It was very tough to photograph. A large chunk of the hair, just to the left of the face, has been cut. This big chunk is held in place by all the laquer. I have not yet washed her hair, but when I do I expect her to loose a LOT. Very unfortunate since it is such a cute flippy hair cut she has. If I wash it and it is really terrible I will have to send her back for a replacement, I think. Also, she has laquer all over her face. Very sloppy work.

Lastly, something a bit more positive. I got around to painting some Create A Monster limbs today. My handy hint is... PENCILS! As you can see below, the hip joints fit nicely on the top of a pencil, shoes too! With the arms I used masking tape to attach the plug to the pencil. By doing this you can paint all sides without ever touching the part. Tomorrow I will spray them with sealant, which will also be much easier with the pencils to hold them. Sit them in a mug like this to dry!

Let me know your best customising tip OR your worst deboxing nightmare!
 - Kat

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